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Giant Star with you more understanding of LED bulbs

Speaking of lighting, people will immediately think of the lighting shop in those colorful all kinds of lamps. Despite the fixtures
Different shapes, but the core of its lighting --- light bulbs in fact there are three: incandescent and fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamp. However, this pattern will soon change, because the lighting field of a star - light-emitting diode bulbs are moving towards the practical stage. Lightning diodes were invented in the 1960s, and in the ensuing decades, their basic use was as a indicator for electronic devices such as tape recorders. In order to give full play to the lighting potential of light-emitting diodes, scientists developed for the lighting of the new light-emitting diode bulbs, LED air vitamin bulbs. This bulb has a high efficiency, long life characteristics, can be used continuously for 100,000 hours, 100 times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs.
Nick - Horoako is a general researcher at General Electric Company of the United States. In 1962, he developed the world's first red-emitting diode (LED-light-emitting diodes). He believes that to get red light will also be possible to get other colors of light. In 1963, he wrote in the United States, "Reader's Digest," said the future of lighting and display areas will be the world's light-emitting diodes!
The second year after the invention of the luminous diode, he left General Electric as a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Illinois. He wants to train more students through education, through them to improve and promote the application of light-emitting diodes. Many of the PhDs he taught at the university became entrepreneurs, chief executives or researchers. And its invention has been successfully improved after the realization of the light-emitting diode market.
In 1963, Horoako also invented the world's first red semiconductor lasers. This laser diode has now become a key component of CDs, DVDs, players, laser printers and copiers. From the 1970s onwards, Holonia Ke began to light-emitting diode emission spectrum extended to the invisible light --- infrared work. Infrared light diodes will not only change the long distance communication system, but also will change the face of the computer. Today, nearly eighty years old Horunya Ke is still constantly pursuing, intended to use light-emitting diode method, a large number of optical switches integrated on the chip, and then realize the dream of light computer.
The contribution of Horoako is to give future generations a new inspiration to make new ways to research new light sources and new devices. People have made can be yellow, green, blue, white and other different colors of light-emitting diodes. Today, with the light-emitting diode made of giant screen fans around the world, the figures shown even during the day is also very clear. And traffic lights and all the lights within the car is almost full of light-emitting diodes.
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