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LED energy-saving lamps shortcomings

1, LED energy-saving light efficiency is still not high, today's LED energy efficiency generally in the 60-70lm / W, as a new generation of light, LED stars light bulb if the light can reach 120lm / W, then it is LED lighting in the spring.
2, LED energy-saving light bulbs, the need for the corresponding radiator, LED chip itself does not have a big improvement in the heat, the need for the structure of the radiator, heat pipe technology, the further development.
3, LED energy-saving lamps, the price is too high, LED monomer prices, aluminum radiator, high efficiency constant current power supply, high light transmittance soft shade, four cost collective push LED cost.
4, olor rendering index is not high, most of the LED energy-saving light color rendering index has not been 80, compared to energy-saving lamps, there are gaps.
Therefore, LED energy-saving lamps for now, can be used as downlights, spotlights, chandeliers used, but if you want large-scale energy-saving lamps to replace the ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED energy-saving lamps still need their own, with overwhelming advantage.
At present the country more and more attention to lighting energy conservation and environmental issues, has been vigorously promoting the use of LED lights. Energy-saving lamps with a year have to be basically replaced, but the life of LED stars are much higher than the energy-saving light bulbs, you can use more than a decade, can save a lot of electricity, long-term LED lights will be more money, but also There is one that is energy-saving light bulb metal mercury pollution is very serious, will have a serious impact on the living environment around, LED lamps are both energy saving and environmental protection, is a country with the first change, so the state repeatedly advocated the use of LED fluorescent lamps The And as long as the cost of LED lights with the LED technology continues to improve and reduce.
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