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The working principle of baby’s breath led bulbs

Baby’s breath led bulbs are based on the thermal effect of the principle of the current made. LED stars are connected to the rated voltage, the current through the filament was heated to the incandescent state (2000C or more), and thus heat and light. Thus at work, the energy into energy and light energy.
And a form of energy alone is released by atoms. It consists of a small group of small particles of similar particles, these things like particles have energy and momentum but no quality. These particles are called photons and are the most basic units of light. When the electrons are excited, the atoms release visible photons. If you already know how the atom works, then you know that electrons are walking around the nucleus and passing the negative charge particles. Atomic electrons have different levels of energy, mainly dependent on several factors, including their speed and distance from the nucleus. The different energy levels of electrons occupy different orbital functions and orbits. In general, electrons with large energies are farther away from the nucleus. When the atoms get or lose energy, they change in electronic motion. When there is something to transfer energy to the atom - with heat as an example - electrons can be temporarily advanced to a higher orbit (away from the nucleus). The electron is only in this orbit position for a very short time: almost immediately returned to the nucleus, to reach its original orbit. At this time the electrons emit extra energy in the form of photons. The wavelength of light depends on how much energy is released, which depends on the orbit position where the electrons are located. Therefore, different types of atoms will release different types of visible photons. In other words, the color of light is determined by the type of excited atoms.
The structure of the lamp is very simple. At the bottom of it there are two metal contact points that are used to connect the electricity. Metal contacts have two wires that come into contact with a thin metal filament. The filament is located in the center of the lamp and is supported by a glass. The wires and filaments are enclosed in a glass bulb filled with inert gas, usually argon inert gas. When the bulb is connected to the power supply, the current flows from one point of contact in the bulb to another and then flows to the line And filament. A large number of free electrons in the solid conductor line current move from the negative charge region to the positive charge region. The jump electrons in the vibrating atoms may temporarily be pushed to a higher energy position. When they fall back to their original normal position, the electrons will release extra energy in the form of photons. Metal atoms release most of the infrared visible photons, people's eyes can be seen. But if they are heated to about 4000 fahrenheit when the light bulb will send a lot of visible light. Almost all incandescent bulbs are used in tungsten because it is the ideal filament material. The metal must be heated to very high temperatures to give useful visible light. In fact most of the metal will melt before reaching this temperature, while the tungsten wire has an unusually high melting temperature. But the tungsten wire at such a high temperature will fire, if conditions permit, the two chemicals will produce a reaction between the burning, the bulb in the filament is a sealed, anaerobic space cover to prevent burning. The air in the bulb is sucked out to create a close to the vacuum state - that is, there is no substance. Because there is almost no gas special material in the inside, so the material will not burn. One problem with this method is the evaporation of tungsten atoms. At such a high temperature, in a vacuum bulb, free tungsten atoms are emitted in a straight line. As more and more atoms evaporate, the filament begins to decay and the glass begins to darken. This greatly reduces the life of the bulb.
The use of an inert gas in a modern bulb is usually argon, which greatly reduces this loss of tungsten.
When a tungsten atom evaporates, it collides with an argon atom and there is no combustion reaction because the inert gas usually does not react with other elements. Cheap and easy to use, the bulb has proven a great success. LED stars are still popular lighting options.
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