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Do the best lighting design to match all projects.
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Only for the project to do the most suitable lighting design
Professinoal design team

Solve your request face to face and provide customized disign.
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Give the effective solution to you within 24h.
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All products are FCC,EMC,UL,KC,CE,ROHS approved.
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design + production + construction in one, to provide you with one-stop efficient service.
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professional after-sales service management teams, We can respond to the project follow-up in 24 hours, to lift all the troubles for you.
Core Products
LED stars light bulbs
ST64 soft filament
LED filament lamp
 Lighting decoration
LED stars light bulbs
 ST64 soft filament
LED filament lamp
 Lighting decoration
environmental protection raw materials, imported materials,
better transmission of light, more energy efficient.
ultra-thin appearance, art design, high transmittance,
the use of advanced chip technology, the chip emits uniform
light without dark areas of the lighting.
all our products are flicker free, protect your eyes.
all our products are 30000 hours life span instead of the
ordinary LED lamp that only 3000 hours life span.
Dongguan Sky Star LED Lighting Co., LTD was established in 2012, which is specializing in various types of decorative lighting LED lamps, including LED light bulb, decorative light, filament light, Edison restore bulb, all shape LED light bulb. We also can support the customized and creative design light.
Our company is located in the "little Hong Kong" Zhangmutou town, Dongguan city, transportation is very convenient, the factory total areas of 25000 square meters, have more than 300 staffs, including technical and management staff more than 50 people, annual output more than 8 million pieces.
Dongguan Sky Star LED Lighting Co., LTD strictly enforces the ISO9001, ……
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Professional research, production of various types of decorative lighting LED lamps
The working principle of baby's breath led bulbs
Baby's breath led bulbs are based on the thermal effect of the principle of the current made. LED stars are connected to the rated voltage, the current through the filament was heated to the incandescent state (2000C or more),……【+see details
LED decorative light bulbs LED stars light bulbs   
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